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Joint Seal Waterproofing, Inc.

For over six years, Joint Seal Waterproofing, has been providing permanent concrete waterproofing and concrete repair services in Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas. We specialize in difficult, high-end projects in concrete repair: structural concrete restoration and rehabilitation, and non-structural expansion joint injection.

Our ample portfolio includes work done in parking garages and balconies of residential towers, ceilings, elevators, road repair, and diverse projects around the city.

We also specialize in concrete repairs in hospitals and clinics, which is made possible by our insured, well-trained in-house crews that generate no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or dust – they use temporary enclosures around the work area, as well as appropriate materials, and do most work in off-peak hours.

Structural Concrete Restoration and Rehabilitation

Crack Repair

Joint Seal Waterproofing specializes in permanent concrete crack repair which is made possible through the use of high-strength industrial proprietary materials (sourced from Polyforce) *. These materials have been tested to strict Ministry of Transportation standards and are ideal for tunnels, parking structures, elevators, and balconies. Our repairs have been widely used for government projects and high-rise buildings.


Under traditional repair methods, patching concrete requires a minimum of two-inch demolition in the affected area. The use of specialized, industrial-strength materials permits thin-patch applications on any surface – including floor/wall corners, ceilings, and stairs, making the job much more cost-effective and faster. The combination of these materials creates a monolithic patch which is able to restore the structural integrity of repaired concrete.

Non-structural Expansion Joint Injection

Expansion Joints

Our liquid rubber PolyFlex expansion joint application can avoid costly excavation and vast area closures required by traditional repair methods for expansion joints in the podium roof of underground parking garages. Our repair method allows for the negative-side injection, which removes the need for excavation. Field experience and track record show the injection repairs to be as effective and long-lasting as traditional membrane resurfacing done through excavation.

All expansion joint repairs are done with our innovative liquid rubber PolyFlex waterproofing material rated at 15 years of lifespan.

Ledge Beams

Ledge Beam Waterproofing involves the same process as expansion joints, with the added challenge of having to drill through 40 centimeters of Ledge Beam concrete to allow the injection of the expansion joint behind the beam. Our application method is designed to create a long-lasting waterproofing seal and has proved itself through an extensive track record. Application from within the structure will avoid unnecessary expenses and extensive area closures caused by top-side repair (when work must be done on the podium roof of an underground parking garage).

Rated to Perform for a Quarter of a Century

As tested to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) standards by a well-recognized and certified Canadian lab, our application is rated to last for 25 years. These applications enable us to rehabilitate concrete instead of simply patching it, which prolongs the useful life of repaired structure from the industry standard of two years to an expected life of 25 years. This is made possible through the use of specialized high-strength adhesives that create monolithic adhesion. Meanwhile, traditional repairs are limited by the weakness of cold joints and thickness of patch applications.

* Other materials can be used, upon customer request.

About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing, Inc.

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