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Concrete Crack Repair

Joint Seal Waterproofing is a Toronto-based company, specializing in concrete crack repair. Our services cover a vast geographical area, from Hamilton to the City of Toronto, and the surrounding GTA communities.

Our Concrete Crack Repair Services

There are many ways and methods to repair concrete cracks. Some are much more long-lasting than others and offer reduced concrete demolition and area closures.

Joint Seal Waterproofing specializes in concrete crack repairs through the use of industrial-strength concrete adhesives tested to strict Ministry of Transportation standards, which are ideal for tunnels, parking structures, elevators, and balconies. Our repairs have been widely used for government projects and high-rise buildings.

Repaired Surfaces – As Good As New!

Long-lasting concrete crack repair is done on any surface – not only on floors, but also on walls and ceilings. Whether the concrete surface has a single-defined crack or multiple cracks, it is restored to its original condition.

Repair Methods

Our long-lasting, efficient repair methods are flexible enough to allow wall and ceiling repairs, the same way concrete floor crack repairs are done.

Concrete Crack Repair

To repair a crack on any concrete surface, a clearly defined procedure is followed. Cracks are prepped and then coated with specialized, industrial-strength adhesive, after which they are filled with polymer cement and sealed with a waterproofing primer.

In Our Clients' Words

Satisfied Customers at RLV Engineering

When it comes to concrete crack repair, Joint Seal Waterproofing knows their stuff! We’ve hired them for a variety of repair and waterproofing jobs, and they did great work each time.

We have a large parking garage which, just like any parking facility, requires regular maintenance. We had Joint Seal come in to do crack repair and patching on floors, walls, and ceilings, as needed. The repairs and waterproofing work they did for us a few years ago proved to be a success – those areas have not leaked again. That’s why we called them in again to waterproof other parts of the garage.

If we need any further work in the future, we know who to call! Joint Seal Waterproofing sends well-trained, in-house teams to do the work. We know who to expect each time, and we can be certain they will do a great job again. 

Project Engineering Consultant, RLV Engineering  

Satisfied Customers at Canadian Properties Operator Management

We’ve been working with Joint Seal Waterproofing for three years now on different projects. Recently we have undertaken a garage repair and waterproofing project. Our experience with Joint Seal was very positive, and we found them to be very professional and efficient, offering trained, in-house teams with consistent quality results.

Joint Seal has performed concrete crack repair at different levels of the parking garage, including wall and ceiling surfaces. Before we had hired other concrete contractors, but their results didn’t last for long. We found that very few companies are capable of waterproofing concrete cracks on ceilings: most of them were very messy, took a long time and, in the end, the repair had to be redone.

A totally opposite experience with Joint Seal Waterproofing! They use specialized materials that adhere to the crack immediately, making repairs long-lasting, without creating a mess. They did great work with cracks and patches. We will be sure to consider them again for concrete crack repair and waterproofing.

Property Manager, Canadian Properties Operator Management

Our Portfolio

For examples of crack repair work, please refer to our portfolio.

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