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Concrete Crack Repair

Cost Savings

Our unique product does not require the use of forming,
which reduces concrete repair time.

Permanent Waterproofing

Our specialized industrial-strength materials have been rated
to the MTO standards to last 25 years.

Concrete Slab Restoration

We do extensive crack repair which allows us for complete
concrete restoration*.

* If a crack poses a structural issue, repairs are done as specified by engineers.


Restored Load-Carrying Capacity

Thanks to monolithic adhesion provided by our products, the repaired surface is fully restored.

Ceiling and Wall Cracks Repaired

Our specialized materials allow to repair cracks even on such challenging surfaces.

Single-Defined and Multiple Cracks

Any type of crack is repaired by following specialized procedures.

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About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing is a Toronto-based company, offering concrete repair and restoration in Toronto, Mississauga and around all of GTA.

We provide specialized concrete restoration services, including extensive concrete crack repairs through the use of industrial-strength concrete adhesives tested to strict Ministry of Transportation standards.

These concrete repairs are ideally suitable for tunnels, parking structures, elevators, and balconies. Our repairs have been widely used for government projects and high-rise buildings in Toronto, Mississauga and other communities in the GTA and nearby areas.

Repair Methods

Traditionally speaking, two slabs of concrete cannot be fused together when there is a crack. This, however, is not the case through the use of our specialized materials which make monolithic 1.85 MPa adhesion possible. Not only can we repair concrete but also restore it to its original condition, even when wet. It works both on single cracks and concrete surfaces with multiple issues - no need for complete resurfacing. Such rehabilitation is even done on concrete surfaces that are combined with metal structures.

To achieve complete concrete restoration, each crack is repaired by following our specialized method:


All unsound concrete is removed by routing each crack, and surfaces are cleaned in preparation for crack repair.

Monolithic Adhesion

The crack is filled with Polyforce Plus Adhesive which ensures immediate and durable monolithic adhesion (1.8 MPa monolithic adhesion strength).

Crack Filling

Cracks are filled with industrial-strength adhesive and patched with polymer cement.


Waterproofing Polyforce Plus Primer is applied, and the area is painted.


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Q: How do you repair cracks in concrete?

A: Cracks are routed with a saw, coated with industrial-strength adhesive, filled with polymer cement and sealed with a primer. Our specialized materials provide much more durable results than traditional repair methods.

Q: How long will the repair last?

A: Joint Seal’s materials have been tested to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario standards to last for 25 years, which guarantees long-lasting results.

Q: How strong is the repaired concrete?

A: Because of 1.8 MPa monolithic adhesion achieved with our specialized adhesive, the repaired concrete is fully restored and is able to carry the original load.

About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing, Inc.

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