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Concrete Surface Repairs

Balcony Slope Reversal

Our thin patch applications allow for balcony slope reversal
as a concrete resurfacing option.

Wall & Ceiling Repairs

We are able to do crack repair and patching on walls and ceilings
by using specialized materials.

Concrete Step Repairs

Resurfacing concrete steps is possible with our specialized
repair methods, without the need for complete recasting*.

* Step recasting is done if specified by engineers.


Cost Savings

We do patches as thin as 5 mm, which greatly saves on demolition costs.

No Forming Required

Walls and ceilings can be patched without the use of forming, thanks to our industrial-strength materials.

Decorative Protective Finish

Specialized UV-resistant, non-slip paint provides a decorative concrete refinishing option.

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About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing provides a range of concrete resurfacing and concrete refinishing options in Toronto, Mississauga and all of GTA. We specialize in concrete surface repair, waterproofing, and decorative finishes.

Repairing a concrete surface is just part of the work – waterproofing it and applying protective coating to ensure long-lasting repair is equally important.

We take it even further and provide a great-looking decorative finish that protects the concrete surface even more.

Repair Methods


The use of our specialized industrial-strength materials permits makes it possible to resurface concrete even on walls and ceilings.

All loose unsound concrete is removed, and concrete surfaces are cleaned in preparation for patching and restoration.

Under traditional repair methods, patching concrete requires a minimum of two-inch demolition in the affected area. The use of industrial-strength specialized adhesive and polymer cement permits thin patch applications, even on walls and ceilings. The combination of these materials creates a monolithic patch which is able to restore structural integrity of repaired slab.

Crack Repair

Cracks are filled with specialized adhesive and polymer cement, and coated with a primer, for best results.

To repair a crack on any concrete surface, a clearly defined procedure is followed. Cracks are prepped and then coated with specialized, industrial-strength adhesive, after which they are filled with polymer cement and sealed with a waterproofing primer.

Finish Coating

Once repairs are finished, a final protective coating is applied for complete concrete refinishing.

A specialized UV-resistant, non-slip paint not only provides a nice decorative finish but ensures that the newly resurfaced concrete slabs are safe to walk on.


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Q: Our concrete floor is badly delaminated – can it be repaired?

A: It is possible thanks to our thin patch applications. The use of polymer cement and specialized adhesive makes it possible to apply patches as thin as 5 mm. The repaired surface is then covered with a protective layer to ensure durability.

Q: Will the repaired concrete surface stand up to the weather elements?

A: Yes, it will. We use specialized UV-resistant paint that further protects the surfaces. It is also non-slip, which makes it ideal for floor applications.

Q: Is there extra durable coating for surfaces that receive a lot of mechanical damage?

A: For areas, such as garbage room floors – that receive a lot of impact from heavy equipment being moved across their surface – we use a specialized coating consisting of fiberglass and basalt layers.

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