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Crystalline Waterproofing

Continuous Reactivation

Crystalline reactivates itself every time concrete starts leaking again.

Restored Loading Capacity

Ideal for aged porous structures, crystalline increases concrete
slab density, restoring its strength.

Permanent Waterproofing

Crystalline is designed to organically grow crystals which repair and
rehabilitate areas of low density continuously.


Cost Savings

Re-application is not necessary, since the material reactivates itself when needed.

Instant Rehabilitation

Crystalline provides a quick solution for restoring aged porous
concrete structures.

Decorative Protective Finish

Specialized top coat paint, applied over crystalline, prevents moisture evaporation, while providing a decorative finish.

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About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing is a company based in Toronto, specializing in crystalline waterproofing. Our services cover a vast geographical area, from Hamilton to the City of Toronto, and the surrounding GTA communities.

The unique qualities of crystalline allow it to become reactivated for many years to come. Every time the concrete starts leaking again due to normal deterioration, this material is reactivated to increase the density of the affected areas.

Repair Methods

Crystalline application works best on damp concrete slabs with aged porous structure. As concrete loses its density, its loading capacity and water resistance are affected. The best way to improve a slab’s density is to treat it with crystalline. This material is designed to organically grow crystals which repair and rehabilitate areas of low density. Following the crystalline application, the concrete slab gains strength and water resistance. This treatment will greatly reduce future cracking of the slab.

Surface Prepping

Before the crystalline cementitious powder is applied, the concrete surface is shaved to expose its pores to ensure optimal penetration. Specialized moisture-retaining paint is used on top, to prevent the crystalline from drying out prematurely.

Crystalline Application

Crystalline applications are best suited for sealing small hairline cracks, as its ideal thickness is 1-2 mm. Its crystals simply fill in those cracks, making it unnecessary to open a very fine crack in order to repair it. Such applications are ideal for damp walls and ceilings - they prevent moisture from accumulating and becoming trapped in concrete slabs.

Finish Coating

Crystalline coating cannot be finished off with regular paint. Specialized topcoat paint not only provides the necessary barrier against moisture evaporation, but also acts as a decorative finish - it comes in white and gray (an alternative to a more expensive black paint.


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Q: How can my damp walls be repaired?

A: By using crystalline, which organically grows crystals that rehabilitate aged porous concrete. The surface is shaved, crystalline powder is applied, and the wall is painted with moisture-retaining paint.

Q: Does crystalline have to be reapplied?

A: It is not necessary because crystalline reactivates itself when more moisture enters the concrete (which is a normal process caused by normal deterioration).

Q: Can crystalline repair large cracks?

A: Crystalline is best suited for sealing small hairline cracks and rehabilitating damp surfaces. For large cracks, specialized adhesive and cement should be used instead.

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