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Waterproofing Expansion Joints

No Excavation

We inject expansion joints from the inside, making it unnecessary
to excavate the podium roof of underground parking garages.

Permanent Crack Sealing

Thanks to monolithic adhesion provided by our products, the repaired
surface is fully restored.

Low-VOC Materials

Our low-VOC materials allow us to repair interior expansion joints in
hospitals and clinics.


Cost Savings

Since we don’t excavate the podium roof of parking garages or replace the waterproofing membrane, a significant amount of labour and materials is saved.

Less Invasive

No excavation means no extensive closures, since repairs are done from inside.

Ledge Beam Waterproofing

Our specialized application methods allow us to repair even those expansion joints that are located behind ledge beams.

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About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing is a Toronto-based company, specializing in expansion joints repair and ledge beam waterproofing. Our services cover a vast geographical area, from Hamilton to the City of Toronto, and the surrounding GTA communities.

Our methods aren’t nearly as expensive or highly-invasive as the traditional method of excavating the podium roof of an underground parking garage. We use a specialized expansion joint application which allows for the negative-side injection, removing the need for excavation and membrane replacement.

Field experience and track record show the injection repairs to be as effective and long-lasting as traditional membrane resurfacing done through excavation.

Repair Methods

Waterproofing Expansion Joints

We avoid costly excavation by working from the inside: we drill injection ports and inject our specialized liquid material which turns into soft rubber. It has tremendous adhesion power capable of binding cracked concrete, and displacing any accumulated water, not allowing it to re-enter.

Concrete slabs can still expand and contract due to the nature of the materials injected. At the same time, such injection seals any crack in the membrane, preventing hydraulic pocket accumulation and any future leaks from recurring.

Waterproofing Ledge Beams

To reach the expansion joint above the ledge beam, it is necessary to drill through close 40 centimetres of concrete. To ensure proper drilling, a guided rail drill is used. It is essential to make precise calculations, so that drill port will end up in between the concrete slabs at the top of the Expansion Joint opening.

Filling the entire volume of the expansion joint with soft rubber will remove all accumulated water, create permanent adhesion to concrete slabs, which allows the entire structure to continue operating as it was originally designed. The pressure of the injection chases the water out all the way to the membrane, sealing the channel, repairing cracks in the membrane and preventing further leaking.

Interior Low-VOC Applications

Fixing interior expansion joints in shopping centers, hospitals and clinics requires a special approach: low-VOC and fireproofing applications must be used, and work is normally carried out at night to minimize interference with the daily operations. Special care must be taken when working in medical facilities: the area being repaired must be kept extremely clean and noise kept to the minimum.


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Q: Why are the expansion joints in my parking garage leaking?

A: Such leaking is caused by cracks in the waterproofing membrane (that covers the joints) and the garage ceiling, which allow for water to infiltrate from the environment.

Q: Is it necessary to excavate to repair expansion joints in a parking garage?

A: No, because our specialized methods and materials allow for injection to be done from inside.

Q: Is it possible to repair ledge beams?

A: Yes. We drill through up to 40 cm of ledge beam concrete to allow the injection of the expansion joint behind the beam, which is made possible by using our innovative liquid rubber materials.

About Us

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