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Concrete Stair
Repair & Restoration

Concrete Stair Repair

Thin patch applications allow us to fully restore concrete step geometry, without full demolition.

No Recasting

Specialized materials allow for the resurfacing of concrete steps –
no need for demolishing and recasting*.

Durable Repair

Our specialized industrial-strength materials have been rated to
the MTO standards to last 25 years.

* Step recasting is done if specified by engineers.


Cost Savings

Thin patch applications require less demolition and materials.

No Extensive Closures

Thanks to minimal demolition, repairs are done faster, and steps are available for use sooner.

Specialized Finishing

UV-resistant non-slip finish ensures a good-looking safe surface.

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About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing is a Toronto-based company, specializing in concrete stair repair. Our services cover a vast geographical area, from Hamilton to the City of Toronto, including Mississauga and all of GTA.

Traditional repair methods call for complete stair demolition and rebuilding, since the need for thin patch application will render them impossible to repair.

Our combination of industrial-strength adhesives and the use of polymer cement removes cold joints, allowing us to install thin patch applications. Instead of demolishing the whole step and having to recast it, we simply remove delaminated concrete and repair concrete steps.

Repair Methods

Surface Preparation

Repairing concrete steps involves a multi-step procedure. Concrete stair repair starts with the removal of any delaminated and unsound concrete.


The use of specialized, industrial-strength adhesive and polymer cement permits patches as thin as 5 mm, which makes resurfacing concrete steps possible. The combination of these materials creates a monolithic patch which is able to restore structural integrity of repaired concrete.

Repairing concrete steps involves surface preparation described above, followed by the application of adhesive, and patch installation.

Unless stair demolition and complete rebuilding is required by engineers, we repair and fully restore the existing concrete steps.

Crack Repair

To repair a crack on any concrete surface, a clearly defined procedure is followed. Cracks are prepped and then treated with specialized, industrial-strength adhesive, after which they are filled with polymer cement and a waterproofing primer.

Thanks to monolithic adhesion provided by our products, the repaired surface is fully restored.


For more information,

Q: My steps are breaking up – do they have to be completely replaced?

A: No, using our innovative products patches and cracks can be repaired.

Q: The surface of my steps is rough can they be made smooth?

A: Yes, we can apply a thin patch coating that will make them look like new.

Q: What can be done to protect my steps for the future?

A: A spray-on application (Green Skin) is done – it coats and seals the steps to protect them against weather elements.

Q: Could you also replace the handrails?

A: Yes, we can coordinate and manage the removal of old and installation of new handrails.

About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing, Inc.

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