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Concrete Driveway/Sidewalk
Repairs & Levelling

Complete Restoration

Thin patch applications allow us to do concrete driveway resurfacing
and complete sidewalk restoration.

Efficient Crack Repairs

We do extensive concrete driveway and sidewalk crack repairs
which allows us to restore concrete slabs.

Sidewalk Levelling

Concrete sidewalks and driveways can be levelled through
thin patch applications, which can avoid slab recasting*.

* If a crack poses a structural issue, repairs are done as specified by engineers.


Cost Savings

Unlike with traditional methods that require a two-inch demolition of concrete surfaces, we can do patching as thin as 5 mm.

No Extensive Closures

Extensive closures are avoided since it is not necessary to demolish entire sidewalks.

Time-Efficient Repairs

Repairs are done much faster because of minimal demolition and less patching.

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About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing is a Toronto-based company, specializing in concrete driveway and sidewalk repair and waterproofing. We do concrete driveway and sidewalk resurfacing and repairs in a vast geographical area, from Toronto and Missisauga to Hamilton, and the surrounding GTA communities.

Specialized industrial-strength materials allow us to do thin patch applications, which makes it possible to level sidewalks and driveways. Our concrete repairs can help avoid slab replacement (unless specified by engineers).

Repair Methods

Crack Repair

Monolithic adhesion provided by our products allows for efficient and durable concrete driveway and sidewalk repairs.

To repair a crack on any concrete surface, a clearly defined procedure is followed. Cracks are prepped and then coated with specialized, industrial-strength adhesive, after which they are filled with polymer cement and sealed with a waterproofing primer.


Concrete driveway resurfacing is possible through thin patch applications. Our specialized, industrial-strength materials permits patches as thin as 5 mm.

Under traditional repair methods, large parts of the sidewalk or driveway slab would require complete demolition and recasting. The use of specialized concrete adhesives and polymer cement make concrete driveway and sidewalk repair or resurfacing much more cost-effective and faster. Industrial-strength concrete adhesives ensure a long-resulting result.

Sidewalk Levelling

Sidewalks and driveways can be levelled with thin patch applications, which makes replacement unnecessary.

We are able to level sidewalks by applying thin patches. When necessary, we also lift sidewalk slabs to even them out with the adjoining ones, by filling in the void underneath with appropriate materials.

Sidewalk Replacement

In areas where patching is not an option, engineers specify sidewalk replacement.

To replace a concrete slab, the old concrete is removed, and the form for the new concrete slab is installed. A bond breaker is applied between the plates to prevent the slabs from merging. The new slab is poured into the form; when the form is removed, the area is finished.


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Q: Our sidewalk has a lot of cracks – does it have to be replaced?

Under traditional methods it would have to be – new concrete cannot be glued to old surfaces. However, our industrial-strength adhesive makes such repairs possible.

Q: Is it possible to patch a sidewalk?

This would be impossible with traditional materials. We are able to make new concrete bond to the existing one by using our specialized methods and industrial-strength adhesives.

Q: Can my sidewalk be levelled?

We are able to level sidewalks by repairing it with thin patches. Unlike with traditional methods that require a minimum of two-inch demolition, the use of polymer cement together with our industrial-strength adhesive allows for thin patching to be done (which makes it possible to level the sidewalk).

About Us

Joint Seal Waterproofing, Inc.

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