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Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Infrared Diagnostics

Our thermographers use top-of-the-line technology in infrared scanning, to determine and engineer the best waterproofing applications.

Permanent Waterproofing

Our specialized industrial-strength materials have been rated to the MTO standards to last 25 years​.

Concrete Restoration

Our elevator waterproofers completely restore concrete surfaces thanks to monolithic adhesion provided by our materials.


Cost-Effective Applications

When elevator pit walls are cracked, repairs are not always needed. It depends on the size of the crack and the condition of the surrounding area.

Elevator Pit Cleaning

We offer elevator pit cleaning service as part of your annual maintenance or in support of work done in the pit. A clean shaft will increase the efficiency of sump pump drains.

Coordination with Thyssenkrupp

As an added service, through our working relationship with Thyssenkrupp, we can help with the coordination of elevator repairs.

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An Elevator Pit Waterproofing Company

Joint Seal Waterproofing is Toronto-based waterproofing company that offers specialized concrete repair services covering a vast geographical area, from Hamilton to the City of Toronto, and the surrounding GTA communities. We specialize in elevator pit concrete repair, restoration, and crack injection.

We offer elevator pit cleaning as part of regular maintenance or in support of work done in the pit.

Our thermographers will do an infrared scan to determine​ the source of leaks and their severity. The most efficient repair methods will be followed to ensure durable results.

High-strength concrete adhesives allow us to perform all concrete repairs from the inside of the shaft, ensuring long-lasting results. The use of crystalline coating restores water impermeability of the shaft wall.

Repair Methods

Floor/Wall Corner

Most of the elevator pit waterproofing is done for wall/floor corners (cold joints) – a weaker area in a concrete surface, where most leaking occurs. A multi-layer waterproofing repair method is applied to ensure long-term waterproofing: concrete adhesive, patching, primer, fiberglass, and basalt.

Wall/Floor Crack Repair

Wall cracks are a common issue. Cracked shaft walls will leak, making repair necessary. When elevator pit waterproofing is required due to cracks on elevator pit walls or floors, the cracks are first prepped and then filled with specialized elevator pit waterproofing materials: adhesive, polymer cement, and primer. For all patches of less than a ¼ inch thick, polymer cement is used.

Block Wall Waterproofing

Waterproofing elevator pits with block walls requires a special procedure. First, to make sure no water accumulates inside the block wall, drainage is installed at the bottom. Next, appropriate waterproofing materials are applied. Some repairs include application of crystalline, such as Xypex or Hydroseal.

Piston Housing Waterproofing

Piston housing must be waterproofed to stop leaking around the piston. A specialized procedure is followed to ensure long-lasting elevator pit waterproofing. Any accumulated liquid is pumped out of the housing around the cylinder/piston assembly, the void is cleaned and injected with a soft rubber material.


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Q: Does the elevator need to be taken out of service?

Yes (although not entirely), to provide access to the shaft and to ensure everyone’s safety. If there is just one elevator in the building, it can be locked out in such a way as not to reach the very bottom. If there are multiple elevators, one can be shut down at a time, while work is done underneath it.

Q: Will the elevator be shut down for a long time while the pit is being waterproofed?

No, because we can work from the inside, which avoids costly and time-consuming excavation (which would be needed to waterproof from the outside). Depending on how much damage there is, an elevator pit could even be repaired in one day.

Q: Why do elevator pits leak?

Leaking can happen because water permeates from the environment and enters the elevator pit when cracks develop in it over time.
How can major repairs be prevented? It is important to undertake maintenance in the elevator pit at least once a year to detect problems early on. If minor leaking and small cracks are detected, less extensive and less costly repairs will be needed.

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